Mindfulness for Teenagers 

Mindfulness is a precious life skill that can help us deal with life's ups and downs.

Mindfulness give us the tools to develop our awareness, appreciation and acceptance of our lives - it can help us to better navigate and manage stress, anxiety and worries, as well as build our confidence and improve performance.


A growing amount of research indicates the many benefits of Mindfulness for young people:


Through developing an awareness of our thoughts and feelings, we are able to recognise when we get caught up in our thoughts and often negative thought patterns. By bringing attention to the present moment, being mindful brings a sense of calm and helps to relieve anxiety. Young people who are mindful are able to cope better with stress and feel more positive. 

Combined with self-acceptance and less self-judgement, being mindful helps us to be more open-minded and resilient when stressful situations do occur.


As our awareness and acceptance of our thoughts and feelings increases, so does our self-esteem and self-confidence. It gives us a greater awareness of those of others and the environment around us, increasing compassion for others and in turn leading to healthier relationships, less selfishness and greater communication skills. 


Learning to train our attention can help focus and concentration, keep a clear head, improving creativity, reasoning and problem-solving - all of which can lead to higher academic performance.

Having skills to control negative thought patterns can give us the confidence needed to succeed and reduce distraction in highly pressured performance situations. e.g. sport, music, drama.


.b is a 10-week course designed specifically for young people aged 11-18 by the Mindfulness in Schools Project in a way that is relevant, engaging and practical. The course can be delivered in the classroom or in small groups within other youth-related settings.

What is .b, pronounced [dot-be]?

.b, pronounced [dot-be],stands for ‘Stop and Be!’ This simple act of mindfulness provides the kernel of a ten lesson course for schools. 

In each of the ten .b lessons, students learn a specific mindfulness skill. The lessons have been carefully designed to put mindfulness in a relevant context for young minds and to motivate students to learn these new skills. Through an engaging mix of animations and practical exercises, young students are able to learn new skills and discover how they can apply them to their own lives.

The .b curriculum is different to adult mindfulness courses and tailored to the needs of young people. The Mindfulness in Schools Project, the leading provider of mindfulness programmes for young people in the UK, is at the heart of development and research in this field. Resources and courses are regularly updated and based on sound academic research.

4elements is proud to be certified to teach b. in schools and youth-related settings.


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