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Bavarian Peaks #StayhomehikeBayern Challenge

Bavarian Peaks #StayhomehikeBayern Challenge

The mountains are calling and I can’t go...

With the current restrictions to minimize social contact and more time on our hands, it seems a logical step to want to get out into nature, enjoy some fresh air and open space. The current advice though is to stay in your local area. However tempting it is, to hop in the car to escape it all- please consider the appeal of the various Alpine organizations read German Alpine Club guidance here and local authorities in mountain areas at this time to stay away until these restrictions are eased.

Reasons for this are:
  • Risk sports mean greater risk for mountain rescue services who are often professionally involved in other areas of emergency services at the moment
  • Risk of spreading infection to others through a rescue
  • Risk of spreading infection through public toilets, local shops, gas stations, bank machines etc.
  • Burden on resources of smaller communities - waste management, smaller shops etc.
If you can’t get to the mountains, the mountains must come to you!

We have therefore been scheming a little and have come up with a plan - to get you fit for the hills when this passes, have fun and connect with others!

Join us in April’s #StayhomehikeBayern Challenge and “virtually” hike the most well-known Bavarian peaks!

To participate you just need to download the #StayhomehikeBayern PDF where you will find all of the task instructions.

You can complete the challenge as individually/ as a family/ as a team.

The challenge is free and open for you to do as complete as suits you.

The only condition is that you have fun! (Even if its that Type 2 sort of fun...)

So get your hiking boots and backpack ready and get hiking from home!

Don’t Panic! The Hiker’s Guide to April 2020

Mountain lake

Furthermore in collaboration with Evolve Fitness Munich evolvefitness.de we have opened up the Hiker’s Guide to April 2020 group to our Trail Fit Club community and would like to extend the welcome to all who are keen to use this time to get set for the other side- physically, mentally and practically!

In this group you will find the following:
  • Bavarian Peaks #stayhomechallenge - group motivation and encouragement
  • Weekly facebook live event on different hiking related topics - to prep you in the practical aspects of hiking- building hiking fitness, gear repair and care, tour planning, bag packing etc
  • Watch parties with mountain movies
  • Fun photo competitions
  • More fun stuff to bring blasts of mountain air virtually to you ;-)
Join here

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Women in the mountains
Mountain panorama
Women in the mountains
Women in the mountains
Alpensalamander, Salamandra atra
Women in the mountains
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Women in the mountains
Women in the mountains
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