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Expedition training

Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award & Outdoor Adventure Teacher Training
Basic Expedition Skills

First Aid Outdoors

For Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award expedition leaders, School Field trip leaders & anyone adventuring in remote, alpine or wilderness areas.

Trail Fit Club 2022

Wild Switzerland Trek

Breath-taking panoramas, wild and rugged landscapes and authentic Swiss mountain experiences

Trekking - Transalp:

from Tegernsee to Sterzing

The Meran High Route Trek

The Meran High Route Trek: Vineyards, palm trees, alpine meadows and high mountain passes

Ready, Steady, Hike:

An Introduction to Hiking in the Bavarian Alps

An Introduction to Snowshoeing

In the Bavarian Alps

Guided snowshoe tours in the Bavarian Pre-Alps

In the Bavarian Pre-Alps

Duke of Edinburgh's International Award

Making Award journeys happen for students and schools since 2012

School Tours

School trip and travel specialists- bespoke tours for education, adventure, culture, ski and language

Upcoming adventures

Date Tour Tour length Region
22.05.2022 Trail Fit Club 2022 1 Days Germany / Austria
12.06.2022 Trail Fit Club 2022 1 Days Germany / Austria
09. - 10.07.2022 Trail Fit Club 2022 Weekend Hut Tour 1 2 Days Germany / Austria
22. - 29.07.2022 Trekking - Transalp: from Tegernsee to Sterzing - FULLY BOOKED 7 Days Germany, Austria, Italy
31.07.2022 Trail Fit Club 2022 1 Days Germany / Austria
12. - 18.08.2022 Wild Switzerland Trek - FULLY BOOKED 7 Days Engadin, Switzerland
21.08.2022 Trail Fit Club 2022 1 Days Germany / Austria
03.09.2022 Trail Fit Club 2022 1 Days Germany / Austria
10. - 11.09.2022 Trail Fit Club 2022 Weekend Hut Tour 2 2 Days Germany / Austria
06. - 08.10.2022 Basic Expedition Training 3 Days Bavarian Pre-Alps, Germany
09.10.2022 Trail Fit Club 2022 1 Days Germany / Austria
28. - 30.10.2022 Intermediate Expedition Skills 3 Days Bavarian Pre-Alps, Germany
12. - 13.11.2022 Outdoor First Aid 2 Days Bavarian Pre-Alps, Germany
11.12.2022 Trail Fit Club 2022 1 Days Germany / Austria
2023 The Meran High Route Trek 8 Days South Tyrol, Italy

Covid-19 Virus Update – 06.12.2021

Snowshoes and hiking shoes

Like the rest of the world, we are currently confronted with a time of uncertainty due to the Corona Virus. As an experienced and responsible tour operator and adventure organiser the safety, wellbeing and trust of our clients is and will always be our number one priority. As such we continue to monitor the situation very closely and would like to share with you the relevant information so that you understand your rights when booking a tour or event with us.

If you have any further questions about this and our booking policy, please get in touch!

Here are some key FAQs answered:

Our winter events are all within Germany. Currently 2G plus applies to participate in these events and tours here in Bavaria. We expect this to be the case at least for our winter tours. For further information about current restrictions see here https://www.stmi.bayern.de/miniwebs/coronavirus/faq/index.php

All our winter events are based in Bavaria, Germany. We anticipate that our summer tours in Germany, Austria and Italy will go ahead as planned – since all managed to go ahead in summer 2020 and 2021 we see this as highly likely. This is of course dependent on the status of the region and country close to the time of the event. If however the situation changes and we have to cancel or postpone the tour or event we either offer you another tour, postpone the booking or will provide a complete refund.

However, we cannot carry the risk of a 2G regulation. Therefore if you are not vaccinated and cannot participate in an event or tour due to a 2G rule, you will be subject to the general cancellation conditions. We do not wish to issue a general 2G rule for our trips, but we cannot bear the risk of possible travel restrictions for the unvaccinated. Thank you for your understanding.

Yes- you will get the full payment back within 14 days.

This depends on whether there are Unavoidable Extraordinary Cirumstances actually at the start of the tour. The following information is relevant:

  • If we are able to deliver the tour that you have booked without significant changes, then these Unavoidable Extraordindary Circumstances will not exist;
  • If the risk during the tour is the same level as the risk in normal day to day life then there are also no grounds for cancellation;
  • Should there be significant hindrances by the relevant authorities due to corona e.g. enforced quarantine, then you can cancel free of charge;
  • Likewise for us – if we cannot fulfil the terms of our contract due to restrictions in place by the relevant authorities then we can cancel our contract with you. In which case we will issue you with a full refund.
  • If you have to cancel due to personal sickness or other reason then our normal cancellation charges apply. As always we recommend that you have Travel Cancellation Insurance (Reiserücktrittversicherung).
  • As above, if you are unvaccinated and cannot participate in an event or tour due to a 2G regulation, then our normal cancellation charges apply.

Should there be sudden changes or restrictions due to Corona (and other Unavoidable Extraordinary Circumstances) during the course of the tour, we will upon consultation with the participants curtail the tour. Tour costs for the proportion of the tour not delivered will of course be refunded. Any costs incurred due to a longer stay/change in transportation will be covered by 4elements.

Yes! As things currently stand we expect our summer tours to go ahead as planned. They all did in summer 2020 and summer 2021. As a small tour operator we do need minimum numbers to ensure that tours are viable and to give our partners (accommodation, guides) as much notice as possible for their planning too. So booking ahead of time guarantees that we can hold the accommodation, guides etc.

Re-open EU https://reopen.europa.eu/en Frequently updated health information, travel, quarantine and testing requirements in EU countries provided by the EU.

Corona FAQ Germany- Travel: www.bundesregierung.de/breg-de/themen/coronavirus/faq-reisen-1735032 For updates regarding travel within and outside of Germany.

RKI Risk Area List: www.rki.de/DE/Content/InfAZ/N/Neuartiges_Coronavirus/Risikogebiete_neu.html Updated list of Risk areas by the Robert Koch Institute

Four elements

Our unique adventure mix

Activity • Nature • Culture • Well-being

Children in the snow

From mountain sports to navigation and outdoor first aid – learn new skills and develop self-confidence with our range of fantastic programmes.

Teenagers in the forest

Enjoy exploring wild places and getting closer to nature - discover more about the natural world in fun and rewarding journeys.

Munich Marienplatz

Venture deep into the heart of culturally and historically fascinating cities and landscapes – savour rich intercultural experiences and be inspired.

People at the sea

Develop new skills through our mindfulness and personal development programmes - experience space for personal reflection and growth, and sustain physical and mental well-being in life beyond the journey with us.

Our most popular programmes and tours

Welcome to our Duke of Edinburgh's International Award training and expeditions . . .

Topographic map
Expedition training

  • Bronze, Silver & Gold Award
  • LocationsBavarian Pre-Alps, Allgäu

Tents on a meadow
Practice and final expeditions

  • Bronze, Silver & Gold Award
  • LocationsBavarian Pre-Alps, Allgäu, Bayerischer Wald
Tents and people in the woods
Basic Expedition Training

  • All levels
  • LocationsBavarian Pre-Alps, Allgäu

Teenagers while playing
In-school Award coordination & consultation
  • Bronze, Silver & Gold Award
  • LocationsMunich area & Bavarian Pre-Alps

Welcome to our most popular school tours . . .

  • Medieval history , Bavarian Castles, WWII, East & West Germany
  • LocationsMunich, Bavaria, Berlin
Hiker in the forest
  • A-Level, IB IA
  • LocationsBerchtesgaden National Park, Karwendel National Park
Ski area in winter
  • GRADES 6 -12
  • LocationsBavarian Pre-Alps, Allgäu

Science and Business
  • AGES 14- 18
  • LocationMunich

Welcome to our most popular small group adventures . . .

Lake in the mountains
Guided hiking day tours
  • May – October/ November
  • LocationsBavarian Pre-Alps, Garmisch Partenkirchen, Mittenwald
Mountains with snowshoe goers
Guided snowshoe tours
  • December - March
  • LocationsBavarian Pre-Alps, Garmisch Partenkirchen, Mittenwald, Allgäu
Mountains with lake
Multi-day tours
  • July - September
  • LocationsBavaria- Germany, Tyrol- Austria, South Tyrol- Italy
  • All year
  • LocationsBavaria- Germany, Tyrol- Austria, South Tyrol- Italy

Welcome to our most popular sports and well-being programmes . . .

Group of skiers
Ski Fit Club

  • October - April
  • LocationMunich
Group of hikers
Trail Fit Club

  • April - September
  • LocationMunich
Trained To Teach Logo
Mindfulness in schools project
  • All year
  • LocationMunich area
Topographic map
Workshops and seminars

  • Various
  • LocationMunich area

Welcome to our most popular destinations . . .

Bavarian pre alps Germany
Bavarian Pre-Alps
Berchtesgaden alps Germany
Karwendel alps Austria
Allgäu Neuschwanstein Castle Germany
Bayerischer Wald Bavaria Germany
Bayerischer Wald
Garmisch Partenkirchen alps Germany
Garmisch Partenkirchen
Munich Bavaria Germany
Fortress Saluburg Austria

About 4elements

Combining our passion for travel, culture and the great outdoors with our expertise in education and tourism, we provide unique opportunities for individuals, groups and schools (local and international) to explore, challenge and discover more about the environment, culture and themselves through travel, intercultural experiences and outdoor adventures.

  • Unique and flexible approach
  • Highly qualified and experienced team
  • International setting and standards
  • Ensuring excellence

What makes 4elements different?

With our years of on-the-ground experience, we are experts at developing exceptional programmes that are tailor-made to your group.

We are proud to have exclusive access to the very best places, people and activities, so that you and your groups are getting the best opportunities for learning and the most memorable experiences.

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