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Trekking - Transalp: from Tegernsee to Sterzing

Trekking - Transalp: from Tegernsee (Germany) to Sterzing (South-Tyrol, Italy)

Embark on a seven-day adventure along a breathtaking and less-explored route through the enchanting Bavarian Alps, Austrian Tyrol, culminating in the picturesque South Tyrolean Pfitsch valley. Our Transalp multi-day hike promises a diverse experience, meandering through alpine pastures, crossing pristine lakes offering refreshing swim breaks, navigating high alpine valleys, and treating you to panoramic glacial views amidst summer mountain flora and fauna.

This journey strikes the perfect balance between leisurely strolls and more challenging treks, with opportunities to take a refreshing dip, indulge in delightful cake breaks, or conquer additional peaks along the way. Our flexible program ensures a fun-filled adventure without any unnecessary stress, allowing you to return home truly rejuvenated and having experienced a holiday like no other.

Throughout the route, you'll encounter varied accommodation styles, providing not only comfort but also unique alpine cultural experiences. These diverse lodging options offer you the chance to rest, rejuvenate, and fully immerse yourself in the local charm, enhancing the overall richness of your Transalp experience. Join us on this unforgettable journey, where each step reveals a new facet of the stunning Alpine landscape.

Our small group sizes not only ensure attention to detail and an intimate atmosphere but also provide the perfect opportunity for a deeper connection with the local culture and environment.

Tour Highlights
  • Uniquely Designed Itinerary: Experience maximum variety and exclusivity with an itinerary meticulously crafted for an unforgettable journey.
  • Starting Point at Tegernsee Lake: Begin your adventure at the picturesque southern edge of Tegernsee Lake, setting the stage for a remarkable expedition.
  • Scenic Variety: Immerse yourself in a diverse tour encompassing alpine pastures, serene lakes with swimming opportunities, high alpine valleys, glacial vistas, and the vibrant summer mountain flora and fauna.
  • High Alpine Routes with Panoramic Views: Traverse high alpine routes offering breathtaking panoramas, ensuring awe-inspiring moments throughout your journey.
  • Cultural and Culinary Delights: Delight in the best of Bavarian traditions, Tyrolean hospitality, and South Tyrol delicacies, enriching your experience with a taste of local culture.
  • Expert Guiding: Benefit from expert guiding throughout your adventure, enhancing your understanding and appreciation of the surrounding landscapes and cultural nuances as well as your personal well-being.
  • Sustainable Exploration: Take part in a low carbon footprint tour, contributing to sustainable travel from door to door.

This is an easy- medium difficulty tour. Most of the routes are along BLUE and RED (Austrian Classification) paths. You should be prepared to walk between 4-6 hrs per day – with the longest days’ ascent being a 900m climb. The walking pace will be around 300m/hr (ascent).

Most paths are well maintained and there are few exposed or secured sections making it a technically easy tour for any hiker.

Day 1: Tegernsee/ Wildbad Kreuth – Blaubergalm
Distance: 8.1km, Ascent: 920, Descent: 164m, Walking time: Approx 4 Hrs

We meet at Tegernsee and hop on the bus for a short ride to the starting point of our Transalp trek, Wildbad Kreuth- Bavarian “Bergsteiger” – Mountain climber village. Here we hit the trail through mixed woodland, then Alpine meadows, passing one of Bavaria’s largest “Alm” farmhouses and then bagging our first peak the Schildenstein. We are now officially in the “Blue Mountains” and a hop-skip and a jump from the border with Austria. Our overnight accommodation is a short walk away. A traditional and working mountain farm, the Blaubergalm sits in the throne of the Blue Mountains.

Accommodation: 4 bed rooms with shared washroom & WC, Half-board (Evening meal, board & breakfast)

Lunch: No lunch stop en-route. Bring packed lunch.

Day 2: Blaubergalm - Pertisau
Distance: 16.5km, Ascent: 670, Descent: 1000m, Walking time: Approx 6 Hrs

Following a hearty breakfast of fresh produce from the Alm, we head down the South side of the Blue Mountains with views South to the Rofan and Karwendel mountains as well as the Achensee. In the valley we are met by a private transfer that shuttles us a little way along the valley floor to Achen where we resume our hike. We walk along the spectacular lakeside trail that clings to the cliffs of the Seekarspitze- passing waterfalls, mixed forest and fascinating geology. Time & weather permitting, we may stop for a nice dip along the way.

Accommodation: Twin rooms with en-suite bath/shower & WC, Half-board (4-course evening meal, board & breakfast, full use of sauna area)

Lunch: Stop at the Gaisalm (the only Alm in Tyrol that can be reached only by foot or boat) or packed lunch (cheese & ham can be purchased at the Blaubergalm).

Day 3: Pertisau – Hochfügen
Distance: 12.6km, Ascent: 350, Descent: 750m, Walking time: Approx 4.5 Hrs

We leave the idyllic setting of Pertisau and the Achensee with a private transfer, which takes us down into the Inn valley where we travel further with the Zillertal rail link to the mountain village of Fügen. The mountain cable car takes us swiftly above the treeline and into the realm of the Spieljoch mountain. From there we hike across the ridge line with magnificent views back North to the Rofan and Karwendel ranges, into the Zillertal mountains and as far as the Wilder Kaiser massif. We will enjoy a typical Tyrolean lunch break at the delightful Loasalm, before continuing the last leg down to the village of Hochfügen where we can relax and recharge our legs in preparation for the next day’s climb.

Accommodation: Twin rooms with en-suite bath/shower & WC, Half-board (4-course evening meal, board & breakfast, full use of wellness area)

Lunch: Stop at the Loasalm for lunch.

Day 4: Hochfügen – Rastkogelhütte
Distance: 7 km, Ascent: 950, Descent: 300m, Walking time: Approx 4 Hrs

After a hearty breakfast at the Almhof we set off onwards and upwards. We pass long-standing traditional mountain farm hamlets and ascend through a landscape carved out by the glaciers up to the Sidan saddle. We continue further along the ridge to our stop for the night – the mountain refuge, the Rastkogelhütte at a lofty 2124m. We make a brief stop for refreshment and leave our packs to then hike up to a close-by summit.

Accommodation: Four-bed rooms with shared washroom/showers & WC, Half-board (Evening meal, board & breakfast)

Lunch: Stop at Rastkogelhütte

Day 5: Rastkogelhütte - Schlegeleis Reservoir
Distance: 8.9 km, Ascent: 360m, Descent: 956m, Walking time: Approx 3 Hrs

After a night of traditional mountain hut atmosphere we start the day with a short ascent up to the Mitterwandskopf (2280m) and along a dream-like ridge walk with views of 3000m peaks of the Zillertal and Hohe Tauern. We descend down the back of the Melchboden and save the knees the last switchbacks hopping into the local hikers’ bus down to the valley for a stop in the famous alpine resort of Mayrhofen. We take the local bus again away from all the other holidaymakers on to the Schlegeleis Reservoir at 1800m. Here awaits one of the most spectacular spots on our tour - glorious views across the turquoise waters of the reservoir and beyond to distant mighty glaciers, where we relax on the sun terrace and enjoy our last night in Austria.

Accommodation: Four/five-bed rooms with shared washroom/ showers & WC, Half-board (Evening meal, board & breakfast)

Lunch: Stop in Mayrhofen

Day 6: Schlegeleis Reservoir – St. Jakob
Distance: 16 km, Ascent: 500m, Descent: 850m, Walking time: Approx 6 Hrs

Following a last evening of Tyrolean hospitality and fare we make our last ascent up a trail winding gradually upwards – across little streams and passed waterfalls. As we reach the plateau we pass high alpine lakes and the border to Italy. Shortly after the border we reach the Pfitscherjochhaus where we stop for the first Italian coffee and to admire the snowy peak of the Hochfeiler (3510m). Across the border at 2280m the hut has an interesting history. Following this break we descend into the South Tyrolean Pfitsch Valley. Here we pass through alpine meadows and meet the trees again. Our trail takes us alongside and through several small rural hamlets to our delightful guesthouse. An evening of South Tyrolean cuisine awaits.

Accommodation: Twin rooms with en-suite bath/shower & WC, Half-board (4-course evening meal, board & breakfast)

Lunch: Stop at Pfitscherjochhaus

Day 7: St. Jakob - Sterzing
Distance: 17 km, Ascent: 100m, Descent: 650m, Walking time: Approx 5 Hrs

We start the day with a hearty breakfast of local produce then put on our packs for the last time on our journey. Our last day of walking takes us through picturesque South Tyrolean mountain villages, passed rustic farm houses, old churches and charming valley landscapes- stopping along the way for some further South Tyrolean nibbles. The last steps of our transalp hike take us into the town of Sterzing. We have made it! We can rest our weary legs in the sauna and soak up the sun on the sun terrace of our boutique hotel. An evening of celebration and shared memories of our trip awaits.

Accommodation: Twin rooms with en-suite bath/shower & WC, (Board & breakfast), celebratory evening meal & aperitif

Lunch: Packed lunch from local shop along the route.

Day 8: Sterzing – Munich

All good things must come to an end. After a delicious South Tyrol breakfast with flair we make our way to the train station. A scenic journey home, through the deep valley of the Brenner and through Austria back to Munich.

  • 8 days personalised guiding with German and English speaking UIMLA certified International Mountain Leader, hiking guide and travel guide
  • 7 nights lodging (3x private room (2-5 bed rooms) - mountain alm/ refuge/ guesthouse with shared bathroom, 4 x 3/4* hotel accommodation / guesthouse with en-suite bathroom- 3 of which with wellness/sauna facilities)
  • 7 x breakfast, 7 x dinner (mostly 3-course meals)
  • Complete transportation package (return journey from/ to Munich (Friday 6th & Friday 13th August), all group transfers along the route –see details below)
  • Pre-tour information package (including local information, packing & travel guide)
  • Special Transalp hike souvenir
  • Tour photo album
  • Lunches (We will mainly stop along the route for refreshments/ lunch)
  • Drinks
  • Personal insurance (travel insurance and personal accident insurance)
  • Tips

Accommodation along this route has been selected for its character, traditional atmosphere and scenic location- giving you the full range of experiences- from the traditional Alm (alpine farm) to mountain refuges, comfortable B&Bs to 3/4* hotels with wellness facilities.

The Blue Mountains – Die Blauberge

The “Blue Mountains” are a ridge line of mountains from East to West South of the Lake Tegernsee forming a natural divide between Bavaria, Germany and Tyrol, Austria. Named “Blauberge” for the view of the ridge from the Tegernsee – due to the effect of the light (Rayleigh scattering)- these mountains have a hue of blue. Walking across them is a distinctive journey as the North side is known for its rocky scrambles, but once over the top and to the south you are walking through dwarf pine bushes.


This Fjörd-like lake is often referred to as the sea of the Tyrol. It extends dramatically from Achensee in the North to Pertisau and Maurach in the South- cutting through the mountains- leaving the only way round to the West by foot. And what a delight it is! An incredibly scenic trail affording many opportunities to dip the feet or swim in its dreamy turquoise waters.


In contrast to the chalky peaks of the Karwendel and Rofan mountains, the peaks of the Zillertal form part of the central Alps, distinguished by their dark granite rocks. Our trail is a high route along the Ziller valley through hundred year old pine forests and lush blueberry bush adorned paths, we get glimpses across to 3000m peaks of the Ziller range as well as beyond to the Großvenediger and peaks in the Hohe Tauern. A region famed for its geology and gems, as well as singing, cheese and beer.

Schlegeleis Reservoir

One of the most well-known high alpine reservoirs, the Schlegeleise Reservoir competes with the Achensee for its stunning turquoise waters. The reservoir is an environmentally-friendly energy source for the local region as well as an important flood protection strategy. A walk above this reservoir takes you to an instagram hot-spot. However we can sit back and enjoy the view from the sun terrace of our accommodation.


The geographical border of Tyrol, Austria and South Tyrol, Italy since the end of the First World War, the history of the Pfitscherjoch pass goes back to Stone Age civilsations. In more modern times it became a smuggling route and eventually after becoming the official border, became the site of customs checks and battles for independence of South Tyrol.


The historical town of Sterzing is the end point of our hike. The main town at the end of the Wipptal is known also as “Vipiteno”. A walk through the historical centre gives you a taste of a real mix of influences- from the Tyrol and Austrian empire, meeting with a Southern flair. Here we can relax and soak up the best of South Tyrolean atmosphere with a nice glass of Italian red.

When booking a tour with 4elements it is vital that you have adequate valid travel insurance covering the activities included. It is your responsibility to arrange appropriate insurances and ensure you have read and understood the full terms and conditions of your insurance policy to ensure that you are covered for all activities you intend to undertake whilst on the trip, including all optional activities. We also recommend Travel Cancellation Insurance (Reiserücktrittversicherung) in the case that you have to cancel a trip for any reason.

Your Insurance Policy must fully cover you for medical expenses and emergency repatriation to your country of residence. Please ensure your policy includes medical emergency helicopter repatriation in the event of illness or injury –and covers the entire duration of your holiday. For this tour it is vital that you are covered for mountain search and rescue. One of the best offers for this is included in annual membership of the German Alpine Club Deutscher Alpenverein

If you are looking for insurance to cover a single hiking/ mountain tours (Wander- und Bergsportversicherung) or further insurances such as Travel Cancellation Insurance (Reiserücktrittversicherung), then we recommend the following provider for residents in Germany: Travel Secure

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Looking for a tour for a private group?
We also offer this as a private 3-8 day tour option and can fully customise it to your group.

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