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Private Day hikes in Bavaria

Private Day hikes in Bavaria

Escape the hustle and bustle of Munich and explore the Bavarian Alps with our private guided day hikes. Tailored to your group's abilities and preferences, our immersive experiences go beyond the ordinary, leading you off-the-beaten track for an authentic and unique alpine journey.

We provide all the information to reach the starting point easily and cost-effectively using public transportation from Munich. We provide you with a complete gear list and are equipped to supply any additional necessities, such as snowshoes, ensuring you're prepared for the terrain and weather conditions.

From breath-taking panoramas, to hidden waterfalls and delicious cake- we know the perfect spots to immerse you in the local environment, nature, and culture, year-round.

Your safety and comfort are our top priorities. Let our experienced and knowledgeable guides handle all logistics, allowing you to relax and fully immerse yourself in the beauty of Bavaria. From arranging transportation to taking care of any unforeseen challenges, we strive to create a hassle-free experience, leaving you with nothing but unforgettable memories of your private day hike in the stunning Bavarian Alps.

Come and discover the hidden gems of beautiful Bavaria with us!

Tour Highlights
  • Tailormade day hikes catering to your group's abilities and preferences
  • Expert guidance from experienced and qualified guides
  • Explore stunning trails and immerse yourself in breathtaking scenery
  • Authentic alpine experiences beyond the ordinary
  • Receive comprehensive pre-hike information, including an equipment list and travel details

We can cater for various levels of hiking. Please read our guide to let us know what level hikers you are.

We will meet you at the starting point. After introductions and equipment check we hit the trail. Depending on the hike, we will picnic and/or stop at a mountain hut along the route. We will bring you back to the end point in order for you to make your way home.

All travel details will be communicated in advance.

  • Certified mountain hiking guide for full-day
  • Full travel information package- including instructions to get to the starting point and equipment guide
  • Tour photo album
  • Travel to/ from start/end (Can be organised upon request)
  • Any transfers/ lifts (information will be included in hike itinerary)
  • Further food, drinks etc
  • Tips
Kochel am See

With the majestic peaks of the Jochberg, Herzogstand and Heimgarten as a backdrop, the village of Kochel also adds an idyllic lake to its setting. Originally life came to Kochel through fishing in the lake and its history goes back over 1250 years.

The beauty of Kochel am See made it a popular spot with abbots, kings and artists, who retreated to the area often for rest, relaxation and inspiration.

Today it's a popular spot with hikers, art lovers (particularly fans of the expressionist era and Franz Marc), and water sports enthusiasts.

There are many routes to explore in this area- from ascents to the local summits or waterfall walks. Always with the option of a swim at the end.

Garmisch Partenkirchen

Garmisch-Partenkirchen is probably the most well-known Bavarian Alpine resort. a picturesque town framed by iconic peaks such as the Zugspitze, Germany's highest mountain. This charming town, formed by the merging of Garmisch and Partenkirchen, is surrounded by stunning alpine landscapes and boasts a rich history dating back centuries.

Originally a hub for farmers, traders, and miners, Garmisch-Partenkirchen has transformed into a sought-after retreat, attracting visitors for over 1,000 years. The region's allure extends to outdoor enthusiasts, artists, and history buffs alike.

Today, Garmisch-Partenkirchen is a paradise for hikers, offering trails that open to wide panoramas, alpine meadows, and dramatic gorges and waterfalls. The town's buildings are decorated with traditional Bavarian paintings, creating a delightful setting for strolling and exploration.


Nestled in the heart of the Ammergau Alps, Oberammergau is a charming Bavarian village that captivates visitors with its rich history, alpine landscapes, and renowned artistic traditions. Famous for its world-famous Passion Play, performed every ten years since 1634, the village has a cultural heritage that extends beyond the stage.

Oberammergau's picturebook setting is surrounded by rolling hills and majestic peaks, providing a stunning backdrop for exploration. The village itself is home to traditional Bavarian craftsmanship, with vibrant frescoes adorning the facades of houses and buildings.

With a history dating back over 1,000 years, Oberammergau has evolved from a simple farming community to a destination that draws travelers seeking a blend of culture, nature, and artistic expression. The Passion Play Theatre, the Ettal Abbey, and the King Ludwig II’s Linderhof Castle are just a few of the cultural gems to explore.

From the village of Oberammergau there are plenty of trails winding through the surrounding mountains and valleys, to peaks, waterfalls and passes. In winter, the region transforms into a snowy wonderland, inviting visitors to explore cross-country skiing and winter hiking trails.

Experience the magic of Oberammergau, where tradition meets artistry, and the beauty of the Bavarian Alps unfolds at every turn.

For group travel from Munich we generally recommend getting the Bayern Ticket which will cover your public transportation costs for the day from Munich.

When booking a tour with 4elements it is vital that you have adequate valid travel insurance covering the activities included. It is your responsibility to arrange appropriate insurances and ensure you have read and understood the full terms and conditions of your insurance policy to ensure that you are covered for all activities you intend to undertake whilst on the trip, including all optional activities. We also recommend Travel Cancellation Insurance (Reiserücktrittversicherung) in the case that you have to cancel a trip for any reason.

Your Insurance Policy must fully cover you for medical expenses and emergency repatriation to your country of residence. Please ensure your policy includes medical emergency helicopter repatriation in the event of illness or injury - and covers the entire duration of your holiday. For this tour it is vital that you are covered for mountain search and rescue. One of the best offers for this is included in annual membership of the German Alpine Club Deutscher Alpenverein

If you are looking for insurance to cover a single hiking/ mountain tours (Wander- und Bergsportversicherung) or further insurances such as Travel Cancellation Insurance (Reiserücktrittversicherung), then we recommend the following provider for residents in Germany: Travel Secure

Dates, price & booking

Private group bookings only.

Weekdays - upon request

Price: Half-day €300
Full day €500
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Tour length

Half day: 2-3 hours
Full day: 4-6 hours


Min. 1 Max. 10 participants



Activity level:

We will tailor a hike to suit your fitness and technical abilities.
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Tailormade option

Looking for a tour for a private group?
We also offer this as a private 3-8 day tour option and can fully customise it to your group.

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