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Small Group
Guided Hikes & Adventures

Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Portugal

  • Day hikes
  • Hiking multi-day treks
  • Hiking Trans-Alp
  • Snowshoe & winter walking tours
  • Private treks:
    summer & winter options


Bavaria, Germany

  • Trail Fit Club
  • Guided snowshoe & winter walking tours
  • Workshops & seminars
  • Outdoor first aid training course

Schools & Education
DofE, IB Field Trips, Outdoor Education Experiences & Technical Consultation

Bavaria, Germany, various locations

  • DofE International Award in Schools
    • DofE International Award Training
  • DofE International Award Expeditions
  • DofE Teacher Training - Expedition Skills
  • Outdoor First Aid Training Course
  • Risk Management for Outdoor trips in Schools
  • Outdoor Team Building
  • Class Retreats and School Camps
  • History IB, A-Level, Geography Trips
  • Geography IB IA Field Work

Online Academy


  • Online Webinars
  • FREE Webinar: Hike Across the Alps
  • FREE Webinar: Zugspitze Hike
  • FREE Webinar: Multi-day Hiking in the Alps

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