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About us

Ceri Temple - Founder of 4elements on a mountain hike in the Bavarian Alps

Ceri Temple - Founder of 4elements

  • International Mountain Leader
  • Certified mountain hiking guide
  • Duke of Edinburgh’s Award leader, assessor & trainer
  • Qualified teacher

About us 4elements

With a lifelong passion for travel, outdoor activities, and intercultural experiences, I'm dedicated to the transformative power of exploration.

Equipped with a degree in languages, I carved a career path in tourism, sports leadership, outdoor education, language teaching, and international education, immersing myself in Italy, Austria, the UK, and Germany.

In 2012, fuelled by a burning desire to share my passion, I launched 4elements. Our goal is to provide accessible, inspiring and safe adventures that unlock personal potential, deepen intercultural understanding, and promote awareness of our responsibility to the world.

Based in the Bavarian Prealps near Munich, we offer a wide range of exciting tours, treks and programmes.

I personally lead many of our events and tours. For specialised expertise, I collaborate with other highly qualified instructors who share our passion.

At 4elements, we take great pride in providing unforgettable experiences.

Join us and embark on a journey of discovery and adventure!


Welcome to 4elements!

Photo collage of shots taken on a mountain hike in the Alps

The premier outdoor adventure and education company located in the scenic Bavarian Prealps.

Embark on a remarkable journey with us as we provide exclusive opportunities for schools, businesses, groups, and individuals to discover the environment, immerse in local culture, and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery.

Our expertise lies in guided hiking and snowshoe tours, allowing you to experience the awe-inspiring wonders of the great outdoors in Bavaria, Austria, Northern Italy, Switzerland and more.

Join us for an extraordinary adventure unlike any other.


All of this is achieved through authentic connections with diverse environments and cultures.

These unforgettable experiences promote personal growth, enhance overall well-being, and serve as catalysts for sustainable and ethical living.

Our Mission

  • Expand horizons
  • Fuel curiosity
  • Foster positive action

No one will protect what they don't care about; and no one will care about what they have never experienced

David Attenborough

Our Core Aims & Values

At 4elements, we are driven by four key aims and values that form the bedrock of our operations.

These guiding principles influence every aspect of what we do, ensuring our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.



The power of adventure transforms our mindset, interactions and lifestyle.

Explore diverse landscapes, summit peaks, step outside the comfort zone, and embrace adventure to gain lifelong resources and love for our planet.


Unlock your potential through transformative experiences.

Supportive spaces fuel growth, push limits, and build confidence. Nature, communities, and fellow explorers ignite curiosity and continuous growth.


Feel the magic of our tours through meaningful connections.

Explore nature's rewards, integrate it daily, and appreciate shared outdoor experiences, creating cherished memories and lasting happiness.


Boost your well-being with our activity, nature and culture-based experiences.

We prioritise physical & mental health and utilise nature's proven benefits. Gain tools to incorporate everyday well-being, and flourish beyond the event's end.


Experience genuine and meaningful off-the-beaten-path adventures.

Immerse in nature's scents, savour local cuisine, connect with local cultures. Routes and accommodations promise authentic experiences, and support small businesses and communities.


Respect and protect mountains, forests, meadows, and streams.

Nurture understanding, protect precious environments. Low-carbon tours and offsetting emissions through myclimate for responsible travel, helping to leave communities and nature in a better place myclimate.


At our core, we believe in creating welcoming and inclusive environments.

Participants build bonds, find support, and thrive in shared experiences. Our tours encourage curiosity, broaden horizons, and create vibrant communities. Find and connect with your tribe!


Embark on exhilarating journeys with complete peace of mind.

Safety is paramount. Expert instructors and guides, risk management, and education empower participants with outdoor knowledge for confident, independent adventures.

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