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Corona and Mountain tours in Bavaria Update 19.05.20

As the lockdown rules are relaxing the mountain huts across Bavaria too will be starting operations over the coming weeks.
General information

The general schedule for those in Bavaria are in line with the gastronomy and hotel sector regulations:

  • From Monday 18th May – the outdoor areas of huts will be open
  • From Monday 25th May – guests may also go inside the huts
  • From Saturday 30th May – overnight stays are allowed again

The same hygiene protocol applies in huts as down in the valleys and the huts obviously have a fair bit of work to get themselves set up also to implement these measures. Therefore some may take longer to open this summer, or not open at all. As always its sensible to check before going on a tour if a hut is open if you are relying on it for food and if you are planning on staying you must book in advance,- due to restricted numbers, huts will not be permitted to take extra guests if they are full.

You can find an up-to-date list on the German Alpine Club website here:

Mountain views

Dreaming of relaxing with these mountain views.

Current guidelines – visiting huts - outside areas

For visiting mountain huts in outside areas the following guidelines apply:

  • Same hand-washing principles as in the valley.
  • Adhere to the markings indicating seating and circulation through the area, as well as instructions from staff.
  • Staff will take contact details of guests in order to guarantee the chain of information in case of an infection.
  • The minimum distance between guests is 1.5m in all areas – queues, seating, toilet areas- unless you are with someone with whom contact is allowed.
  • Only visit a hut if you are in good health. As with anything now, if you are feeling any symptons associated with breathing, cough or fever, stay at home!
  • Don’t forget your facemask. Same as in the city, this should be worn at all times in the inside and outside areas unless you are sat at the table, then this isn’t necessary. A scarf and buff do the job too.
  • Be prepared to wait. Huts are going to working at reduced capacity, with greater regulations and less tables, so on busy weekends there may be long waits to be seated, to eat etc.
  • Pack a few more snacks to keep the hangry monster fed and bring some more water- so that you can get by in case it doesn’t work with the hut.

Mountain views

Looking forward to waking up with this view

The guidelines for the overnight stays has not yet been published- we will update when these come through.

Social distancing

Social distancing on our first Trail Fit Club hike of the season – May 2020

Guidelines for group hikes

In the meantime, we are thrilled to be back in action, as group events with up to 5 people (four + guide for us) are allowed again. For group events of this kind the following applies:

  • Health is No1: Head out only if you feel fit and healthy- i.e. if you have any suspicion that you may be suffering from symptoms of the corona virus (breathing difficulties, cough, fever), even on the morning of the tour, don’t go!
  • Be prepared: Bring your face mask and hand sanitizer. Keep your facemask handy when hiking. Please bring plenty of water.
  • Social distancing on tour: Adhere to the social distancing guidelines – keeping a 1.5m distance to other group members and hikers. In instances where this is not possible- ie. looking over a map, emergency situation- have your facemask handy, so that you can slip it on easily.
  • Avoid unnecessary physical contact: Replace the handshakes, hugs and summit high 5s with hiking boot taps!
  • Hygiene: Avoid touching your face. Use hand sanitizer before applying sun cream and eating/ drinking. Wash your hands well as soon as you can.

At 4elements we will be implementing all these new measures which are part of our Hygiene, Health & Safety Concept. This will be shared with you upon booking and we will update you as anything changes.

Further information on Corona Virus measures in Germany and Bavaria:

Deutscher Alpenverein (DAV) – German Alpine Club

Recommended behaviour measures in the mountains in the time of Corona:

Bayerisches Staatsministerium des Innern, für Sport und Integration

Information about Coronavirus in Bavaria:

Bundeszentrale für gesundheitliche Aufklärung (BZGA)

Behaviour measures & FAQ:

Robert Koch-Institut (RKI)

General info in English:

Risk evaluation:


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