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Llamas in the alps

Hiking in the time of Corona

Hiking in the time of Corona – Pre- during & post tour check-list!

Physical and mental health is always our priority and as such we take all current guidance regarding the Corona (SARS-COV-2) virus into consideration in the planning and delivery of our events. Our plan for the implementation of this guidance is detailed in our Hygiene, Health and Safety Concept that will be shared with you upon booking.

In a nutshell, this strategy is based on measures before, during and after the tour as follows:

1. Pre-tour
  • Active social-distancing 2 weeks before the event/ tour.
  • No travel in Corona risk area 2 weeks before the event/ tour.
  • Only arrive at event if you are healthy. Even if you show the slightest symptoms, you must stay at home.
  • Bring enough protective equipment (soap, hand sanitiser, facemasks for the duration of the tour), soap and flannel (for hut tours in Germany).
  • Bring thin gloves, e.g. gardening gloves, for reducing contact via hands.
  • Bring your own sleeping bag, pillow, bed liner (tips and details in our pack list) etc.
  • Recommended use of the Corona tracking app (when available) for personal protection.
  • Arrival either in car-sharing or public transportation observing social distancing protocol.
2. During tour
  • Greet one another with big smiles instead of handshakes.
  • Social distancing on tour: adhere to the social distancing guidelines – keeping at least 1.5m distance to other group members and hikers.
  • In instances where this is not possible- i.e. looking over a map, emergency situation- have your facemask handy, so that you can slip it on easily.
  • Avoid unnecessary physical contact: we will replace the hugs and summit high 5s with hiking boot taps!
  • Hygiene: Avoid touching your face. Use hand sanitizer before applying sun cream and eating/ drinking. Wash and disinfect your hands well as soon as you can.
  • Breaks in safe areas where there is room to sit and rest maintaining social distances.
  • Use of transport (bus, lifts etc.) in sub-groups to maintain social distancing. Facemasks at the ready as always!
  • Observation of protocol in mountain huts, hotels and gastronomy along the way.
3. Post tour
  • Self-monitoring and request for voluntary communication in the case of symptoms developing within 14 days of tour end.
  • 4elements in close communication with all partners and health authorities and able to pass on all guest information in case of infections.
  • Look after your gear – we recommend leaving your equipment outside for 72 hrs after the tour as this will get rid of the virus before bringing it in to your home.

Mountain hut Corona-Kit

Necessary gear for hut tours
  • Facemasks (Min. 2)
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Gloves (you would pack these anyway!)
  • Pen (for signing docs at various spots)
  • Summer sleeping bag (for comfort level +10-20 degrees)
  • Travel pillow (Tip: stuff clothing/ down jacket into sleeping bag case to make your own pillow)
  • Lightweight bed sheet (Tip: Use bivvay bag or rescue blanket)
  • Soap and flannel (Where showers are closed in Bavarian huts) – wet wipes are also an option, but less environmentally friendly and obviously you will be carrying them out too.
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